About the Old Silver Jewellery Shop

The Old Silver Jewellery Shop sells vintage and second hand silver jewellery, ranging from Victorian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Retro, right through to modern styles.

Every piece has been chosen for its style, quality and condition. Some items will show signs of having been worn and loved in the past, whilst others look as though they have never been worn.  Silver tends to develop tiny surface scratches with use and although the 'factory shine' is lost over time, the scratches will blend together to form a soft 'patina', which many people feel enhances the beauty of the silver. 

Some pieces of jewellery in the shop may show other signs of wear or have minor imperfections, but these will be described and where possible shown in the photo.  

Because the items here are second hand, every one is unique, so once it’s gone it’s gone!


Delivery to the UK is free, and international postage only costs £4.70 GBP. Everything will be sent by recorded delivery.  Please see ‘Packaging, Postage and Returns’ for more details.


If you would like to return an item in exchange for a refund, no problem –  please see ‘Packaging, Postage and Returns’ for more details.


Vintage and second hand silver jewellery is well worth choosing, for both its looks and value:-

  • It looks good with both modern and vintage clothes, and classic pieces don’t go out of fashion. 
  • The quality shows - and doesn't decrease with age. 
  • It’s a good investment - the silver has a value in itself and vintage pieces are often highly collectable and likely to go up in value over time.
  • It’s often more affordable than buying new, but can look just as good – or better.
  • Buying second hand is always green!


Based in London, UK, I've been selling second hand silver jewellery online since 2008, mainly because I love doing it.  As with any vintage items, the infinite range available means you never stop learning, and the handling, cleaning and photographing of the beautiful pieces that come my way is a pleasure in itself. 

I'm always researching silver jewellery and have started collecting information about the huge range of marks that are stamped on its surface.  I've therefore set up a section on this website about the marks I come across, see information about silver marks . As yet it's very small but should keep on growing over time.

And in the meantime...


Happy shopping!