Other websites with information about silver marks

There are several websites available with information about silver hallmarks, date marks, place marks and makers’ marks.  There are so many different marks on silver jewellery that it would be almost impossible for one site to cover everything, but some useful ones are: 

The Online Encyclopædia of Silver marks, hallmarks and makers’ marks.                                                                                                      An extensive site which includes SILVER MARKS, HALLMARKS & MAKERS' MARKS from several countries

A website about antique silver which includes a section on HALLMARKS & DATE MARKS FROM SEVERAL COUNTRIES, and DATE MARKS FROM THE UK. 

Silver Makers’ Marks
An extensive and easy-to-navigate site about MAKERS' MARKS ON BRITISH & IRISH SILVER, with illustrations.

Silver2treasure.co.uk: silver makers marks
An alphabetical list of SILVER MAKERS' MARKS, mostly British, with illustrations.

Thimbleselect.bizland.com: silversmiths
An Australian site about thimbles, which includes an illustrated alphabetical section on THE MARKS OF BRITISH SILVERSMITHS, many of whom also made jewellery. 

Modernsilver.com: Mystery marks
An alphabetical list of MAKERS' & OTHER MARKS on silver, some illustrated

Assay Offices of Great Britain: Hallmarks on Gold, Silver and Platinum
A PDF document on UK HALLMARKS & DATE MARKS. This is the ‘official version’.

Hallmarks of European member states.
A PDF document on EUROPEAN HALLMARKS from the Crakow and Warsaw Assay Offices in Poland

Irish / Dublin Date marks
An Irish website about pipes. This is the only site I have found with IRISH SILVER DATE MARKS going right up to 2005 (most lists only go up to 1921)

Art-Amerindien.com: signature picto-hallmarks
A good site on NATIVE AMERICAN SILVER MAKERS' MARKS. Many of these are pictures or symbols rather than letters.

Verwoad Ceramics Online / Silver
A Dutch site about Delft pottery and jewellery. Includes a section on DUTCH SILVER MARKS AND MAKERS' MARKS used by Schoonhoven Silversmiths after 1940.

There is also a section on Delft Signatures - helpful for identifying Delft jewellery.

Illusionjewels.com: costume jewellery marks
An alphabetical list of MAKERS' AND OTHER MARKS ON JEWELLERY, some illustrated. Not all of these are on silver.

Morning Glory Antiques: Jewel Chat
A site about vintage jewellery which includes an alphabetical list of JEWELLERY MAKERS' MARKS. Not all are on silver.

Chicago Silver: Master List of Online Silver and Jewelry Marks
A USA produced list of links to other websites, covering the USA in detail as well as the rest of the world.

Ag & Au Silver Research
A Dutch site about silver marks with a list of other silver mark websites from all over the world. Click on ‘hallmarks’ for the silver mark list and click on the Union Jack flag to read it in English.